International conference on sericulture was held in Sheki
Apr 07, 2017 | 12:06

The 8th International Conference on the theme of"Climate change and chemical reagents: new searches in sericulture " with the participation of representatives from 9 different countries in Sheki.

 The Conference was held with the organization of silk association ofAzerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and Central Asian countries. At the conference, 44 experts from 9 countries on sericulture and cocoon participated.

In the conference the discussions were taken on the themes like "Effection of climate changes to Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia sericulture", "The innovative approach to the development of silkworm in Azerbaijan ", "The isothermal strengthening of silkworm febrin via contour", "Effection of biologically active additives to silkworm productivity and cocoon quality".   

During the conference, the participants visited Gakh cocoon fabric that had been built in 1960, and spoke with there working officers. Then the quests which visit historical and cultural places in the area of Zagatala region, admired natural beauty of Azerbaijan.    

After the scientific and cultural excursions in Zagatala, Shaki, the guests visited "Sheki-Ipek" training center.  Director of the traning center Nizami Garibov greeted the quests, and  introduced with different plants on the production of cocoon and silk located in the area.  It was noted that, in Sheki which was known as a silk town ssericulture was one of the main occupation of people. Sericulture passed a long path of development here and achievements was achieved in 80s of last century. In these years the area of mulberry gardens was 1300 hectares, 400 tons of cocoon was produced.  At that time, in the silk factory in Sheki 7 thousand workers were working. 10 thousand people were engaged in the cultivation of cocoon in the villages.  

We must note that the date and mode of enterprises used in factory drew the attention of visitors. The guests who visit "Sheki-Ipek" shop have shown a special interest to silk shawls, khelagayis, silk carpets, as well as other products. 

The guests went to Sheki Khan's palace and the Museum of History and Ethnography and met with material and cultural exhibits and took a photo.   

On the last day of the conference, the guests were presented with certificates and the conference was closed.