Feb 23, 2017 | 12:39


Our honorable president, Mr. Ilham Aliyev!


Thank you for your order about nominating the first lady of Azerbaijan - Mehriban Aliyeva as the first vice-president of the Azerbaijan Republic.

      Mehriban khanim’s foresight and unexampled maintenance are undeniable in the development of education, science and culture, and in the direction of taking possession of native-cultural wealth which belongs to Azerbaijan and generally Turkish people. We are sure that after this Mehriban khanim’s opportunities will increase and she will achieve success with her benevolent action.

      We believe that your order is important for Azerbaijan, and wish being lucky for our native land and people.


      Respectable Mehriban khanim!


      We are glad for your nominating the first vice-president of The Azerbaijan Republic.

      Beside loving your own country, you tried for its development and reinforcement, cared for showing our people’s intellect, ability and talent all over the world and achieved great success. After then your opportunities will increase. We wish your signing new lucky projects, and may God give an opportunity for being resolute and practical. We will support you and try to fulfill every mission and job depending on us.

      As all the world Azerbaijanis we congratulate you for your nominating the first vice-president of the Azerbaijan Republic, and wish you long life, health, and good luck in your hard and honorable job.

    With deep respect and esteem,

     Yusif Shukurlu

     Director of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center,

     PhD on physics- mathematics, member of AWA