Azerbaijani scientists took part in the summit in Eskisehir on the theme of “The scientists of Turkish world”
Oct 17, 2016 | 04:17

       With  the initiative of the Agency of Cultural Capital of Turkish World, the summit was held  on the theme of " The scientists  of Turkish world " in Eskisehir (Turkey). The aim was to expand and strengthen  scientific and cultural relations of Turkic world, to accelerate integration and to support the idea of unity increasing communication.

At the summit in Osman Gazi University 350 scientist attended from Turkey, 150 from other countries.

Scientific secretary of Presidium of ANAS, PhD on philology Sarkhan Khaveri, branch managers of the Institute of Folklore, PhDs ob philology Seyfeddin Rzasoy, Ramazan Gafarli, PhDs on philology Agaverdi Khalil, Aziz Alekberli, Galib Sayilov, branch manager of the institute of Philosophy and Law, PhD Fuzuli Gurbanov, scientific worker of the department of “History and economy of Turkey” of Oriental Studies Institute, PhD on history Javid Gasimov, employee of the Institute of  Archeology and Ethnography, PhD on history GulluYologlu, employees of the  Institute

of Manuscripts, PhD on philosophy Aida Pashali and Gatiba Vagifgizi, Ilahe Novruzova from Home Museum of Hussein Javid, Sadagat Nemetova, Mesheti Ismail from Nakhchivan section and others attended in the event.

In opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Amrullah Ishler, national Minister of Education Nabi Avci, head of Religious Affairs  Mehmet Gormez, secretary general of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Mahmut Erol Kilich, Governor of Eskishehir Güngör Azim Tuna, Rector of Osman Gazi University Hasan Gonen and others performed.

In the event "Ahmet Yesevi’s  role in the formation of the Turkish-Islamic culture" of  Sarhan Haver, "Mahmoud Kasgarlı’s folk creation and learning methods" of  Agaverdi Khalil,  "Əbulgazi Bahadur Khan's role in the study of Turkmen culture" of  Seyfettin Rzasoy,  "Yunus Emre and Azerbaijan" of Aziz Alakbarli,  " Bakhtiyar Vahabzade and Turkish world " of Ramadan Gafari, ," Fuzuli’s love philosophy" of Fuzuli Gurbanov, " Nasimi's human concept and Islam " of Galib  Sayilov, " Huseyn Javid's role in the development of Azerbaijani culture and literature " of Ilaha Novruzova and other  lectures are listened.

During the summit, conferences, seminars and "round tables" were held, the discussions were made for strengthening  scientific and cultural relations between the Turkic states, and  a number of programs were organized.