Jan 19, 2017 | 11:52

8th BACSA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Climate changes and chemicals – the new sericulture challenges” “CLISERI” 2017 Sheki, Azerbaijan April 2nd – 7th 2017 Letter of Open Invitation 2nd announcement Dear Colleagues, I would like remind you that the 8th BACSA international conference “Climate changes and chemicals – the new sericulture challenges”, “CLISERI” 2017 will be held at Sheki, Azerbaijan from 2nd to 7th April 2017. The Regional Scientific Center of Sheki (RSCSh) of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (ANAS), Sheki, Azerbaijan is hosting the meeting in collaboration with the Black, Caspian Seas and Central Asia Silk Association (BACSA). We appreciate presenting contributions on the main Conference topic as well as country reports, science and technology papers in the field of mulberry and non-mulberry silkworms, cocoon and silk production, pathology, breeding and bacology, using silkworm and mulberry for non-textile purposes, post-cocoon technologies, silk enterprise and trade. Exhibition sessions will also be organized for equipment tools and sericultural products. Those who require a personalized letter of invitation for the purpose of travel documents to Azerbaijan may wish to contact:
Black, Caspian Seas and Central Asia Silk Association (BACSA)
Statutory office: 5 A. Stamboliiski Str., Vratza 3000 Bulgaria;Tel: + 359 888 479 438
Fax: + 359 92 642028; e-mail: ; Web:
Branch office for Europe: Agricultural Experiment Station of Komotini, under N.AG.RE.F., Merarhias serron 18, Komotini 69100, Greece; Tel. 00302531022731; Fax. 0030531033556; e-mail:
Branch office for Central Asia: Uzbek Sericulture Research Institute, 1 Ipakchi Str., Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Tel: +998712490766, Fax:+998712490061; e-mail:

Dr. YUSIF SHUKURLU, Director, Regional Scientific Center of Sheki, Sheki, Azerbaijan, 24 L. Abdillauev Str., 5500 Sheki Tel: (+994 24) 2461712; (+994 50) 6556868; (+994 55) 4993040 Fax.: (+994 24) 2461712
e-mail: ; and Ms. Narmina Kabulova, Coordinator
e-mail: Mobile (+994 50) 212 53 16
IMPORTANT: I am glad to inform you that since 12th January 2017 Azerbaijan opened an Electronic Visa Portal through which all the country visitors may get a touristic visa only in 3 steps. The guests will apply, write the necessary information, pay and then get the visa. E-visa is issued within three working days, it will be valid for 30 days and the fee for it is 23 US$. For getting this type of visa you may visit the web site:
Updated information about the forthcoming event as well as other activities in sericulture industry development you may find at the BACSA web site: Hoping that we will meet at The 8th BACSA international conference CLISERI 2017, the Organizers send you their best wishes!
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Panomir Tzenov
President, Black, Caspian Seas and Central Asia Silk Association (BACSA)


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